Carmel’s saints leaders of a brave array
Lead us on oh! lead us on.
We will fight neath your sway (2)
When the foes gather near,
We’ve no fear, (2)
We’ll not shun, we’ll not quit,
This our noble career.
We will stand ever true to death to you
True to God and faith and you,
True to you.
Lead us on gallantly,
Ever on valiantly,
Neath your banner to fight,
For the church and its right,
E’er to suffer or to die,
Is our cry – battle cry.
Not for gain not in vain,
Is our strife in this life.
But for God who is our King,
All our hearts to Him we bring.
And stronger and stronger,
As fighting lasts longer,
And purer and purer,
To make heaven surer,
With crosses and trials and many denials
We’ll stop, but to die,
True loyal to our King,
Who reigns on high,
Oh lead us ever on till we die.