Relevant Educational Documents

Sl.No. Eduactional Policies / Documents Bibliographic Details Source of procurement
Purchased Gift On loan Any other
1 Policy Perspectives in Teacher Education NCERT Gift
2 National Policy on Education Sharma Purchased
3 Kothari Commision Suresh Bhatnagar Purchased
4 New Education Policy in India Shukla Purchased
5 Kothari Commision Suresh Bhatnagar
6 UGC – An Informative Hand book Shrivastava Purchased
7 UGC – An Informative Hand book Shrivastava Purchased
8 Fifth Survey of Educational Research NCERT Purchased
9 Sixth Survey of Ednl. Research Yadav Gift
10 Sixth All India Ednl. Survey NCERT Purchased
11 Sixth All India Ednl. Survey NCERT Gift
12 Fourth Survey of Research Education Buch Purchased
13 Fourth Survey of Research Education Buch Purchased
14 Fifth Survey of Educational Research NCERT Purchased
15 National Educational Policy Thankachan Gift
16 Prospects of Change in Higher Edn. Michael Purchased
17 Preparation of Teaching and Laboratory Pattanshetti Purchased
18 Public Report on Basic Education Oxford University Purchased
19 Objectives and Functions of Education Meenu Chaudhary Purchased
20 Foundations of Education Srinivas Bhattacharya Purchased
21 Quality Concerns in Teacher Education Natesan A.K Purchased
22 Education Policy in India Aggarwal Purchased
23 Reforms in Modern Education Naik Purchased
24 Education and Political Culture in India Ehsanul Haq Purchased
25 Learning to Live Together UNESCO Gift
26 Beyond Margins Xavier Gift
27 Inclusive Education Tim Loreman Purchased
28 Education in India Gupta Manju Purchased
29 Preparing Students for Testing and Doing Rona F. Purchased
Better in School
30 Quality Higher Education NAAC Gift
31 Educational Data Bank for Higher Education P.R Panchamukhi Purchased
32 Perspectives in Education Singaravelu Purchased
33 Sharp edge of Educational Change Nina Basica Purchased
34 Contemporary Trends in Education Vandana Saxena Purchased
35 Principles and Trends in Education R.P Pathak Purchased
36 Inclusive Education Joanne Deppeler Purchased
37 Total Quality Management in Education Marmar Mukhopadhyay Purchased
38 Inclusive Education Tim Loreman Purchased
39 Development of Education System in India Thakur J.K Purchased
40 Emerging Facts of Education Sukumaran Nair Purchased
41 Concept of Developmental Teaching Prem Lata Purchased
42 Higher Education in India Tilak Jandhyala Purchased
43 Education and Globalisation Pandey Purchased
44 Principles of Secondary Education Kaushik Vijaya Kumari Purchased
45 University Grants Commission Govt. of India Gift
46 Report of the Review Committee on UGC
Programmes UGC Gift
47 Educational Planning Raghuram Purchased
48 Towards Virtualization Manjulika Purchased
49 Education For All Digmurti Bhaskara Rao Purchased
50 Making the Most of Accreditation Antony Stella Gift
51 Children with Developmental Disabilities Venkatesan S. Purchased
52 Problems of Behaviour in Children Bhattia Purchased
and Adolescents
53 Diversity and Inclusion in Early Childhood Chandrika Devarakonda Purchased
54 Curricular Strategies and Adaptations for Tharyani Purchased
Children with Hearing Impairement
55 Perspective in Special Education Manivannan Purchased
56 Enabling the Differently Able A.N Singh Purchased
57 Dyscalculia Guidance Butterworth Brian Minor Project Book
58 Dyscalculia Toolkit Bird Ronit Minor Project Book
59 Education of Exceptional Children K.C Panda Purchased
60 Designing a Concept Based Curriculum Lois A. Lanning Purchased
61 Assessment in Special and Inclusive Education John Salvia Purchased
62 Identifying and Enhancing the Strengths of Ann Maccgnano Purchased
Gifted Learners
63 Special Needs Education Suchitra Deshprabhu Purchased
64 Education Training and Skill Development in Rameshwari Pandya Purchased
India First Five Year Plan to 11th Five Year Plan
65 Foundations and Best Practices in Early Lissanna M. Follari Purchased
Childhood Education
66 Foundations of External Quality Assurance in Antony Stella Gift
Indian Higher Education
67 Minor Games Sanjeev Kumar Purchased
68 Playground construction, Dimensions and Rajesh Tripathi Purchased
Equipment Manual
69 History of Physical Education and Sports Mausam Chauhan Purchased
70 Book of Games Sunil Kumar Purchased
71 Rules of Games and Sports Sharma Purchased
72 Test and Measurement in Physical EducationSushil Chauhan Purchased
73 Management in Physical Education Sanjay Chaoudhari Purchased
74 Problems of the Physical Edn. Curriculum Vijaya Kaushik Purchased
75 Organization, Administration and Supervision Ataullah Jagirdar Purchased
in Physical Education