The college is situated  in the heart of Kottayam Municipality.  The main building of the institution has the College office, staffroom, classrooms and methods lab,  General lecture halls, library, Net resource centre, mini conference room, Health and Physical education room, Placement cell, Store, counselling room and language lab.


The college office is fully automated. Each administrative staff has separate cabins with computers with  internet facility .The office is equipped with fax, laser printers, scanners and reprographic unit. The office is equipped  with LAN & WAN.

The staffroom is computerized with individual cubicle for each staff with internet facility.  There are enough number of classrooms equipped with LCD projectors and computer facilities. The laboratories and the methods labs help the students to have hands on learning experiences.

The Institution has a three storied M.Ed block which accommodates Class rooms, Director Room, Faculty Room, Learning Disability Centre, Computer lab with  internet facility, AC Conference Hall, Technology lab, Micro teaching studio, M.Ed Library, Psychology lab, Guest Room, IQAC Office, Prayer room and  Canteen.Our College auditorium is spacious, properly ventilated with a seating facility of 1000.

Campus and Infrastructure

Available Land area in square meters: 13475.84 m2

Whether the available land is on Ownership basis :Yes

Built – up area in square meters.
B.Ed. – 3719.66 m2

M.Ed. – 1132.3 m2
Hostel – 1409.59 m2

Auditorium – 710.94 m2

Total – 6972.49  m2

Mention if fire safety equipment has been installed  : No

Mention the facilities available for differently abled persons

Ramp                                    : Yes
JAWS software for blind   : Yes
Braille learning Materials  : Yes
Wheel Chair                         : Yes
Mention, if Hostel facilities are available :Yes
Mention if separate facilities are available for female students  : Yes
Mention the number of  female students for whom facilities are available
Female Students :  25

(i) The information regarding the available infrastructure be provided in the following Table:

   Class Room          Room Size(in sq m)   
   1   48.95
   2     49.50
   3    36.89
   4    36.79
   5    25.59
    6     28.58
    7     35.60
  8    40.43
  9    39.83
   10    35.60
   11   23.4
   12    41.4
   13    31.2
   14    38.7

 Other facilities available in the Institution:

1. Multipurpose Hall (in sq m)       –   90.20

2. Library-Cum-Reading Room    –   214.97

3. ICT Resource Centre                   –   34.98

4. Curriculum Laboratory               –   47.53

5. Art & Craft Resource Centre      –  47.53

6. Teaching Learning Resource Centre for Arts & work experience    – 28.95

7. Health and Physical Education Resource Centre  -12.30

8. Principal`s Office    -23.79

9.Staff Room              -62.56

10.Administrative Office   -32.94

11.Girl`s Common Room  -13

12.Seminar Room    -103.8

13. Canteen              -20.4
14. Separate Toilet Facility for Boys and Girls  -16.38
15.Parking Space         -31
16.Store Room 1            -7.25
17.Store Room 2           -6.62
18.Multi purpose play field -2565.43

Additional infrastructural details

   Name   Size (in Sq. Mts)   
    Guest Room      11
   Digital Cafe      8
   M.Ed. Library      34
   Psychology Lab      29
  Mini conference room      18
  Non teaching rest room      12
  Grievance cell      8
  Social Science methods lab      27
  Physical Science methods lab      42
   Natural Science methods lab      27
   Computer lab      44
    Micro teaching lab      31
   Conference room      26
   Multipurpose hall      70
   English method lab      22
    Mathematics method lab      29
    Kitchen      17
    Counselling room      8
    Sick room      19
    Multipurpose room     49
    Gymnasium     22
    Prayer room     26
   Teaching faculty room     59
    M.Ed. non teaching staff room     6
    Educational Technology room     62

Physical Education Resource Centre

i. Human Body System Charts displaying all systems ( at least one separate chart for each body    system).
ii. Weighing Machine
iii. Human body organ system models
iv. B.P. Apparatus ( Sphygmomanometers & Stethescope)
v. Digital B.P. apparatus
vi. Thermometer (Clinical)
vii. First Aid Box (Preliminary & Advanced)
viii. Glucometer
ix. Sports and field equipments for
a. Athletics
b. Volley ball
c. Basket ball
d. Badminton

Sports and Games

Our Institution has facilities for Co-curricular activities (sports and games).They are listed below.
1. Indoor Games
Rooms for table tennis, chess and Caroms.
2. Outdoor Games
a) Basket Ball Court
b) Volleyball court
c) Throw ball court
d) Shuttle Badminton court
e) Play grounds
f) Tennikoit court
g) 50 meter track
h) Badminton court is maintained


The institution has a Hostel for both B.Ed. and M.Ed. students run by the management.
Available Facilities
1. The College hostel is situated in the same campus.
2. It has facilities to accommodate eighty students, three each in a room.
3. A conducive atmosphere for study and recreation is maintained.
4. It has a Library with book lending facility, dailies, career newspaper and magazines etc.
5. Facilities for Internet browsing, telephone, T.V, indoor and outdoor games.
6. Prayer Room and common study rooms are provided.
7. The food is wholesome and tasty.
8. Properly maintained toilets and bathing rooms with sufficient water facilities.
9. A flower garden is maintained by the hostel.
10. Local and National festivals like Onam, Christmas etc. are celebrated.
11. Once a year the Hostel Day is kept up.
12. First Aid facilities are available.
13.Badminton court is maintained.