Total intake is 50
 Duration of M.Ed. programme shall be of 2 year (4 semesters)
 The institution offers M.Ed Programmes in
          English Education
          Mathematics Education
          Science Education
          Social Science Education
          IT Education  

 The Mahatma Gandhi University introduced Centralized Allotment Process (Single Window Admission) for the M.Ed programme in the affiliated colleges from 2012 onwards. The University issues the application forms through the Institution and conducts Common Entrance Test.

Classification/Categorization of Seats: 

Seats available in the teacher training colleges affiliated to the University for the M. Ed. programmes (Self-financing) are mainly classified as Merit seats and Management seats.

Management Quota Seats: 

50% of the seats are earmarked as Management Quota seats and shall be filled by the educational agency from the rank list prepared by the University irrespective of the rank secured by the candidate. The Management seat is handled by the Institution which takes care of the community and economically weaker and disadvantaged sections of the society.

Merit Seats:

The remaining 50% seats are merit seats and the same shall be filled through CAP.The merit seats include the reservation seats for SC/ST/SEBC/Sports/Teacher Quota and PD Quota.

Out of the total Merit Seats available in the affiliated colleges for various M Ed programmes, seats will be reserved for the different constituents of the main categories mentioned below:
            i. Reservation for Persons with Disabilities
            ii. Special Reservation
            iii. Mandatory Reservation

Reservation for Persons with Disabilities (PD):

          The students who seek admission in this category should submit their application through CAP and qualify themselves in the Entrance Test. 3% of the total seats under Merit Quota(Open Quota) for each programme are reserved for this category. Within the 3% mentioned above one third of the seats will be earmarked for each of the three sections of the physically handicapped (Blind, deaf and orthopaedically challenged) with provision for interchange of seats, if candidates are not available in a particular category in any year.

         ‘Person with disability’ means a person suffering from not less than 40% of any disability as certified by a Medical Board constituted for this purpose. Candidates who have a minimum of 40% disability alone will be eligible for this quota.

Special Reservation:

        The seats reserved for Sports Quota and Teacher Quota come under this category. Applicants who wish to claim this reservation should submit their applications through CAP and qualify themselves in the Entrance Test. These candidates will be considered first for allotment in Special reservation category. They will also be considered for the general allotment if no seats are available in the Special Reservation category. For the same reason they should not submit separate application for the general allotment. If eligible candidates for Special Reservation are not available all such vacant seats shall be converted to Open Merit seats after the second allotment

Mandatory Reservation :

              For calculating the number of seats under Mandatory Reservation also the total merit seats for each M Ed programme in all the colleges will be taken as one unit and the seats will be distributed based on a roster.

Reservation of seats in affiliated Colleges:

The seats for each M Ed programme will be distributed as per the pattern given below.
  Seat Reservation (Merit Seats)                  % of Reservation
Open Quota 64
Ezhava, Thiyya & Billava 9
Muslims 8
Latin Catholics other than Anglo Ind 2
Other Backward Christians 1
Other Backward Hindus 5
Kudumbi 1
Scheduled Caste 8
Scheduled Tribe 2
Eligibility for admission:
  1. Academic eligibility should be satisfied as on the last date of online submission of academic data of the application.
  2. If an applicant for admission is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or if it is noticed later, admissions shall be denied or he/she shall be expelled from the educational institution.
  3. Candidates should have passed B Ed degree in the subject concerned from any of the Universities in Kerala or of any  other University recognized by the Mahatma Gandhi University as equivalent thereto for admission with a minimum of 55% marks or CGPA of 2.2.
Relaxation in Marks in the qualifying examination:
  1. Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Category: The applicants in these categories need only a pass in the qualifying examination to apply for M.Ed. programme.
  2. SEBC Category: A relaxation of 3% marks in the qualifying examination from the prescribed minimum is allowed.
  3. OEC Category: A relaxation of 5% marks in the qualifying examination from the prescribed minimum is allowed.

                Entrance Examination: An Entrance Test shall be conducted for selection of candidates. All candidates seeking admission (including admission to Management Quota, Sports Quota, PD Quota, and Teacher Quota) shall attend the Entrance Test. It shall be of one hour duration, in the objective format (OMR), based on General Papers of B Ed syllabus of Mahatma Gandhi University effective from the academic year 2006-07, with maximum marks of 50. It will consist of one paper having 100 objective type questions. Each correct answer will be awarded 0.5 marks and 0.25 marks will be deducted for each incorrect response

Admission in Management Quota:

             The Admission process to the Management Quota shall be in accordance with clause 1.1 of the Prospectus. The candidates who seek admission in Management Quota shall get themselves qualified in the Entrance Examination conducted by the University as described in Clause 9. They shall submit the application through CAP along with the general candidates and download the Hall Tickets for the Entrance Examination.

              The applicants in this category shall get the hard copy of their completed application in duplicate and send one copy to the University within prescribed time limit and submit the remaining copy to the college authorities where the candidate seeks management quota admission. After the Entrance Test the rank list will be published by the University. Management Quota admissions shall be conducted by the educational agencies only after the admission process of the second allotment of M Ed CAP.

            Applicants for Management Quota and Option Registration in CAP: The management quota candidates who apply for the Entrance Test can, if they desire so, apply for the merit seats also by registering college-course options in the same application. They need not submit separate application for the general allotment. If they don’t register options their application will be considered only for Entrance Examination. Such candidates will be included in the rank list but will not be entitled to allotment in any of the merit seats.