Placement Cell

Placement Cell

         The Institution has a placement cell and it displays the available vacancies all over India. The following activities are conducted by the placement cell:-

1. On-campus recruitment

It Arranges interviews with employers in the campus and helps trainees to get employed as soon as they complete the course.

2. Alumni Interaction

The centre maintains a close relationship with the alumni for placement. It uses an effective mailing system through which it helps the alumni in locating high level jobs. Alumni also contribute by providing information about additional jobs available through the placement officer by using the same network

3. The Career Corner

The Career Corner gives career counseling and arranges workshops on personality development, communication skills, soft skills etc



Mentoring is practiced in the Institution for the past few years. It is a systematic and planned attachment of students to staff of the Institution and of the Practice Teaching Schools. There exist clarity of purpose of such attachment. All the faculty members function as MENTORS to 12 students each. A MENTOR is a guide, accompanier, a friend and a counsellor to her wards in the campus. She closely accompanies the students in their academic, co-curricular and extra curricular pursuits, records their progress in these areas and gives counselling and guidance whenever necessary. She keeps a personal record of each student and visits their homes at least once a year.


Annual Report

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