RFID Technology

The Mount Carmel Library in Kottayam, home of nearly 20,000 books, manuscripts and other items, has adopted Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to identify and manage a big chunk of its large collection The reliability of the system, its ease of operations and the flexibility of tagging all kinds of media easily are important in the library environment. Using RFID the library is finding misplaced books more quickly, maximising floor space with frequently requested items and streamlining the inventory process. When the RFID project is completed, the inventory checking is very easy and time saving. The library extended the system to access control, loan management and issuing- tagged badges to staff, students and researches. RFID is used in this library for circulation operations and theft detection systems. The RFID system also acts as tracking systems that combine security and including easier and faster charge and discharge, inventorying and materials handling.