The Alumni Association of Mount Carmel College of Teacher Education is a registered body which plays an important functioning in the organizational hierarchy. It is registered with the registration number (KTM/TC/47/2022) under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955.The institution over the 70 years has produced efficient teachers as productive members of the society who always treasure the bond with the institution and are always receptive to the functioning of the institutions Alumni Association. The key contributions and activities of the Alumni Association plays a crucial role in the functioning and development of the institution.

The Alumni Association arranges annual meetings to provide former students an opportunity to reconnect and network. These meetings facilitate the sharing of experiences and help in maintaining a strong bond between the alumni and the institution.

Alumni working in different schools inform and arrange the placement services for the students of the Institutions. Many of our Alumni are employers and organizes placement programmes, inviting educational institutions to conduct job interviews. This initiative helps the students find teaching positions and advance their careers.

Alumni are invited to conduct microteaching and demonstration classes for current B.Ed. students. These sessions are valuable for junior students, providing them with insights and practical teaching techniques.

Alumni provide constructive feedback on curricular and co-curricular activities, helping the institution improve its B.Ed. and M.Ed. programmes. They suggest enhancements to ensure the programmes remain relevant and effective.

Alumni volunteer to arrange and lead seminar and training programmes on relevant and informative topics, preparation for competitive exams for students, thereby contributing to their professional development.

Alumni fund is used for improving the infrastructural facilities of the institution. An alumni membership fee is collected from outgoing students, and a bank account for the Alumni Association has been opened. This fund also supports various alumni activities and endowments.

In its curricular and cocurricular activities, alumni motivates both B.Ed. and M.Ed. students to bring out the best in them. A few Alumni are currently Assistant Professors of the Institution who renders their wholehearted cooperation for the conduct of curricular and co-curricular activities. On various cultural events and college day alumni of the institution are invited to motivate and boost the skills of the students through their life experiences and interaction with the students. Alumni are invited to conduct awareness programmes on significant issues. They also extended their help in arranging extension activities which helps the students to serve the society.

Alumni members’ knowledge and expertise is utilized for orientation, induction, bridge courses, seminars, value-added courses, certificate courses, workshops, camps, extension activities, and classes and training connected to competitive examinations.

The Alumni also have membership in decision making bodies of the institution like IQAC, Curriculum Planning Committee etc.

The following are the two significant contributions of Alumni in the functional aspects of the Institution:

  • Endowments and Scholarships

In an effort to recognize outstanding students and help deserving students attain their educational goals through student scholarships, the institution seeks unrestricted contributions from its alumni, well-wishers and faculty, institutions and foundations to support the progress of its students.

  • Enrichment Services

With the support of the alumni of the institution various innovative programmes, coaching programmes, opportunities to present research papers in national seminars and conferences, training in handicraft and embroidery works and Awareness programmes were conducted within the institution for the enhancement of student’s capabilities.

The Alumni Association remains a vital support system, consistently contributing to the academic, co-curricular, and infrastructural development of the institution. Their ongoing involvement ensures that the college continues to produce efficient and well-rounded educators.