Mount Carmel College of teacher education for women envisions inculcating life-oriented education, which would empower the trainees with the needed skills to become agents of social transformation at different levels of life. The aims of education are steered towards optimum growth in the physical and intellectual dimensions of the individual`s personality. Hence it has become highly essential to correlate education with the life and needs of people.

In our Institutions several activities are organized which are socially useful and productive. These include:-

Learning of a craft: The curriculum introduces various innovative craft oriented programmes like flower making, book binding candle making, fabric screen printing, stitching, embroidery and culinary arts.

Sale and Exhibition of SUPW Articles: The sale and exhibition of SUPW articles yield an worthy amount which is utilized for a noble cause ie., empowerment of women, helping the marginalized and supporting the adopted literacy mission centers.

Adoption of an Adult Literacy Mission Centre: Our college has adopted newly adult literacy centre at Kachuvellikunnu, Kottayam. The fund raised by students through the SUPW exhibition cum sale is utilized for supplying newspapers periodicals, childrens magazines and sewing machines at this centre. Our students are equivalency classes for Std. X on every Sundays at the centre.

Awareness Classes in Socially Disadvantaged Areas:The college supplies human and material resources for transacting awareness and equivalency classes. For fortifying its objectives, the awareness classes regarding environmental, social, educational and women issues are conducted.

Installation of a coffee machine: The Institution has installed a coffee machine in the campus, which serves to provide employment to the marginalized girls in our community.

Distribution of sewing machine: Attempts have been made to empower women by supplying sewing machines to individuals and Literacy Mission centers.

Education Related Activities: The Institution has been instrumental in supplying Newspapers, periodicals, Children`s magazines to the adopted Literacy Mission centers.

Health Related Activities: The Institution has initiated health check ups and camps, AIDS awareness programmes and talks on adolescent problems and health life style and have occasionally supplied rice to the marginalized of the society.

Visits to Institutions: The money accrued from the sale and exhibition of SUPW activities is utilized for supporting the neglected and unwanted in the society. To help teacher trainees to become familiar with various problems in the society, the college provides them opportunities to visit ‘Abhayabhavan’, a home for the aged run by Missionary Sisters of Charity every Wednesday. Every month, the staff and students visit, “Santhi Bhavan” an old age home run by the Muncipality, give them snacks and help them to clean the campus. The students are made aware of the psychological problems of children when they visit occasionally the “Juvenile Home” at Thiruvanchoor and interact with the residents. Students visit Vikas Vidhyalaya- School fot the metally challenged and Mercy Bhavan- a home for the Physically challenged ocassionaly. Visits to old age homes, juvenile delinquent homes and homes for the mentally challenged is carried out in this context.

Equivalency classes: The students of various departments of our college are taking equivalency classes for Std.X on every Sundays at the adopted literacy mission center.

School Adoption: Staff and Students occasionally visit a neighbouring adopted Government UP school at Parampuzha, where students hail from socially and economically disadvantaged families. The institution provides financial help to the needy and student teachers take classes based on the needs of the students.